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Epoxy Floor Coating FAQ’s

Here are common questions we get from customers. We have answered each. If you have additional questions, please contact us, thank you.

A: Your friend more than likely used a “kit” from a big box store or paint store. These kits are cheap, they have been made and chemically created to make the application process easy and simple. They are cheap because the substances and mixtures are inferior to the industrial epoxy mixture we use. These kits are little more than Epoxy paint that goes down at room temperature. Our product is a chemically mixed resin, mixed on site, that goes down extremely hot. The key to our extremely floor durability is the time, energy, and effort we put into the “prep” stage. Our “5-Step” process is not easy because we grind every square inch of your floor surface to insure that we get a bond and adhesion worthy of a “Lifetime Warranty”.

A: All of our Garage Floors are Polyaspartic. We install Polyaspartic because it is stronger, tougher, Scratch resistant, and stain resistant. Polyaspartic is the best garage floor available.

A: Chances are high that the company that installed your floor has disappeared. They are no longer in the business! There are many painters that go the the local paint store, buy the epoxy floor kit, and claim to be an epoxy flooring installation company. They most likely used acid chemicals to acid etch and “rough” the surface to prep your floor. I can tell you we are going on 10 years in the epoxy flooring business. We have a A+ Better Business Bureau rating. We have installed big and small floors including work at car dealerships, church fellowship halls, chicken food processing plants, Frito-Lay Manufacturing facility, driveways, patios, porches, and residential garages all over Central and North Alabama and the Chattanooga Area. In fact we are proud to say we have done floor work for the Von Braun Convention Center in Huntsville. You do not stay in business for 6 years and have this type of clientele we have without doing top quality work and having a great reputation for doing so! We will do the same for you.

A: If you owned a restaurant, your warranty would be 3 to 5 years. If you own a car dealership or oil change facility, the warranty would be 3 years. But, we feel very comfortable with providing residential clients a “Lifetime Warranty” for normal home use and wear and tear. The warranty does not cover damage caused by acetone, battery acid, or damage caused by dragging a heavy object across the surface such as heavy freezer.

A: Absolutely not. You can buy in confidence knowing that our floor is guaranteed not to peel, crack, stain, discolor, or show hot tire marks. In fact if you were to spill a gallon of paint, oil or water base, on it, do not try to clean it up. Just keep the pets and grand kids out of it until it completely drys. Then start peeling on one edge and peel the entire can up as a “huge” paint pancake! Our floor is that resistant to stains and chemicals. ​

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